Spending Time Inside My Head

I do tend to distract myself, rather than have ample time to sit around and think about things. Why I drive myself to distraction is another matter altogether, but one that usually has delicious complications. And then I come across men like this one, several hundreds of miles north of Delhi in India. He has nothing but time to sit around and think about things. I wonder if he is able to better figure things out.

Spending Time Inside My Head

  • nice colors… maybe he doesn’t have much to figure out – life looks simple for him.

  • These colors are stunning and i love the way you composed this impage !

  • Eric M

    I think these guys have much more simpler lives which we here in America will never have the pleasure of experiencing so he can probably figure out things pretty good since there is less for him to worry about.

  • Love this shot and the textures here..included in Stuck Textures if I am correct.

  • DEE

    I love the idea. But I don’t understand. I’m not a photographer. Do you improvise?

  • Thanks!

    Well this one used no textures at all, but I think I did grab one of the textures for that tutorial from that wall. That man was hopelessly confused that after I took a pic of him that I went up to the best part of the wall to take one too!

    DEE – I am not sure I understand your question — what do you mean by improvise?

  • DEE

    I think “improvise” was not a good word. But I liked your description of what you had done. Thanks


    what appears as simplicity is overshadowing the poverty in his life. the beauty is that he reflects a sense of contentment dispite his circumstances. it is wonderful photography and very thought provoking.

  • Laura

    I doubt he is better able to figure things out. I currently have all the time in the world to think on things, too, and that makes them all the more confusing!

    When you take photos of people, do you ask them if it is alright? If not, do you ever get angry reactions?

  • Thanks for the interesting comments.

    I usually ask about 98% of the time. I get rejections about 5% of the time, but rejections don’t bother me a bit.

  • I always like this kind of composition in photography, there so much space to think. Perfect!

  • Hey thanks! 🙂

  • Ravi

    You must re-visit India. India is mysterious place and I think you didn’t had proper research. I didn’t like the way you portrayed India, though its my perception and you might have different – but its partial story about India what you knew.

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