Alone at the Beach

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent mornings and evenings on the beach by myself. I think it’s quite alright, and I don’t entirely mind it at the time.

For me, it is even more strange, I think. Because I always have my camera with me, I suppose I’m not really alone because you are there too, along with the tens of thousands of others. We’re there at slightly different times, but still there together with the moment frozen. I’m not sure I can be good company to everyone at the same time, but there are always certain people with whom bare toes on the beach would be more than welcome.

Alone at the Beach

  • Very peaceful. Love the fact that the flag seems to be moving.

  • The beach is my most favorite place. I can’t get enough of photographing it or being there. This is beautiful, as always.

  • This is nice and peaceful. I too thoroughly enjoy an empty beach – which is a rarity in San Diego. You’ve managed to capture that magic light and all the waves in their timeless beauty. Very nice.

  • Thank you.

  • Gail

    HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Next to mountains, beaches are my next favorite place to be. The water soothes the soul and brings such peace. And then there’s the waterfowl that are usually present. As I love to watch birds, also, it is a special treat for us to go to any beach!!! Sunsets or sunrises over the water or mountains are very spectacular sights!! What a great picture, wonderful color!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  • franielee38

    Beauttiful picture! Happy Thanksgiving to you!

  • DEE

    I can feel the breeze. It’s obvious.

  • You have reminded me of how lucky I am and to be thankful of where I live. Just a short trip over the bridge into Palm Beach and I am there 🙂

    Was that near the Ritz or where?

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

  • Thanks… Yes Gail I know what you mean. I think people are either mountain people or beach people. I think I am the former…

    Michael – this is at The Breakers — like the Ritz though!

  • I can hear the Who “Quadrophenia” playing in my mind…

    Nice scene & colors!

    Happy Thanksgiving, too!

  • suZen

    That is all kinds of gorgeous.

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