Dragon Boats of Commoners on a Lonely Stream near Hangzhou

On the weekend while in Shanghai, I was in the mood for an adventure, so I went down to the train station to buy a ticket to Hangzhou. This was the capital of the Southern Song Dynasty in the 12th century and it was in the middle of the Yangtze river delta. The royalty established a number of temples around West Lake, the dozens of tiny freshwater lakes that were created for the emperor.

As I explored around, there were many beautiful things to be seen. Here is one of many more I have to bring you.

Dragon Boats of Commoners on a Lonely Stream near Hangzhou (by Stuck in Customs)

  • Tawna

    I’m looking forward to seeing more. 🙂

  • lovely lush color! who would guess near by to urban landscape… & nice poetic description 😉

  • Jamee

    OK, really starting to love/hate you- it’s SO deliciously perfect, and I lack the equipment, vision, software, to shoot like that! Waaaaaahhhh!!!

  • thanks – haha Jamee funny – you are just temporarily missing those things – you will find em!

  • JB Wingman

    Another great shot…and it’s only Monday!

  • Heather

    I have always wanted to travel around the world. Although I am only 34 yrs, money, 3 kids, and care of my live-in Mother-in-law keep me close to home. Thank you for your pics! I feel like I can see so much of the world by visiting your website! And yes, someday I will travel!

  • Sherry McB

    Absolutely beautiful. So tranquil. Your photography is a very powerful visual. Like others, I too am limited to travel far from home but can wander far and wide vicariously. Many thanks for sharing.

  • DEE

    I like the colors, especially the green.

  • CorpSe

    another sweet photo…..I run 2 desktop monitors and am into gaming in a big way…the best monitors on the market for this are crt’s especially the ultra high rezzz high frequency graphics design monitors…I have 1 and the saturation levels are set to high on this monitor–> the colours are incredible and really do justice to your awesome photos Trey, I curently run this pic as my desktop(and even though i also have a high end LCD it looks soooo much better on the crt)….I am guessing you have a graphics design monitor….if you dont Trey you can get them in widescreen now…but they are pricey…$3500 the resolution they can run are double an LCD 3600×2300 or something that high

  • It’s amazing how something so very ordinary looks very special. Another masterpiece. I look forward to your pictures every day. Thanks!

  • Craig F.

    Wonderful as usual T. Boats, give me more boats, love then and the colors are very soothing.

  • Thanks! Yes I love this photo too… normally I don’t do a lot of trees, but this came out dreamy.

    CorpSe – glad to hear it! I’m a big gamer too… I wish everyone could experience a huge monitor, shocking their visual plane with cool imagery!

  • The boats make the shot, as I’m sure you’re well-aware. Timing is everything. I found a lovely, hidden creek this last summer while out exploring in my rural area. The trees formed a canopy overhead and it was simply beautiful. And very, very green. Something like your boats would have brought the picture to life.

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