Admiring Shanghai from the Bund

Shanghai looks huge and amazing no matter what side of the river you are visiting! I think I went back and forth 8 times to see it from one angle then the next as the sun was setting. There is this electric train that goes in a tube under the water that is surrounded with enough flashing neon to send the average Japanese kid into seizures. It’s all fantastic and electric — and both banks were covered every night with people admiring the view… Normally I don’t like tourists in my shots, but this one was kind of about the viewers of the city viewing the city.

Admiring Shanghai from the Bund (by Stuck in Customs)



  • DEE

    A combination of animate and inanimate.

  • Thanks! 🙂

  • scott

    Hey Trey, Maybe I’m just too simple of a man, and will never have the chance to see these far away places as they really are. And sadly, I(and others) may never see them as they really are through photos even, due to the way they’ve been ‘cartooned’ by the effects. I now imagine you are a wealthy, globe trotting photographer that is bored with the exotic locales as they are… the point you feel they need artificial enhancing.

  • Karen

    A great job capturing the neon brilliance of modern China’s cities! In response to Scott, I haven’t seen this exact scene, but many rather similar to it in every large Chinese city. While professional photographers enhance their images to create a great image, I don’t think this one has been enhanced to change, or ‘cartoon’ the image. This is a great photo capturing a typical city and a common evening pastime in Shanghai. Thanks!

  • actually this picture is not taken from the Bund, but from Pudong.

    It is a picture of the Bund itself… and a good one !

  • Paul Cowell

    Trey, awesome as usual. To Scott – there are millions of Bund and Pudong Photos on the net which are ordinary, go look there for your virtual travel – actually the effects that Trey is trying to show are more “eye realistic” than usual photos. I suggest you go and read up about HDR techniques and why they are more effective.

  • I think it’s a very vibrant picture, it captures the details from the buildings across the river, and the reflection on the water is really nice! Thanks!

  • Oh right Phillipe – my bad – you are right! Thanks others for the feedback too – good discussion 🙂

  • Rachel

    To scott- if you do not like it or can not appreciate art… stop looking-

    Trey- I think you do amazing work… thank you for sharing – I loved the chairs at the ocean in palm beach

  • scott

    To Rachel…maybe you should read some of my other posts before jumping to conclusions. Too bad the world is so boring for you that you feel the need to embelish it and ‘make’ it art.

  • Cindy Hopkins

    Well I think that the amazing touches that you bring to your “Art” is better than just looking at a regular photo of someones “vacation picture.” The way you bring out the colors and other effects are what makes you an artist not a plain ole photographer, which is what most of us would be considered. Keep it up. I wish I had your eye for it.

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