The Ghost of Disney

I sat down on the curb on Main Street to watch the Disney parade come by. Normally, frankly, I don’t like parades. I am very easily bored, and I need to be extremely visually or mentally stimulated or else I just zone out… But the Disney parade was great… they throw everything at you, and then some. Once these ghostly dancers started moving down the street, I felt like I was in some kind of a dream sequence…

The Disney Ghost

  • scott

    You once mentioned something to the effect of “80% of people dont mind the processing/effects”….just curious as to where you came up with those stats.

  • When I speak at classes or in front of audiences, I can tell from the crowd that 80% is pretty consistent. Also, I get about 1-5% negative comments for each picture on Flickr, and I assume the percentage of people that don’t like it is probably higher than that.

    I’ve talked a lot with people that just hate HDR. My analysis is simply that they do not see the world like this and they don’t record memories the same way.

  • Nick

    Trey, I just think with HDR that when it first “hit the big time” it was horribly over used and the effects pushed too far (the halo effect!).

    I personally think that those who hate HDR are, in the main, referring to those sort of shots, and don’t really realise it can be used for far more subtle effects.

  • Once again, you made visual magic! Thanks!!!

  • Gail

    What a magical picture!! You captured the heart of Disney. Great Job!!

  • DEE

    What’s HDR?

  • Rik

    HDR is the digital inhancement of a digital signal. This inhancement incluides all formes of auto inhancements that arwe controled by signal gain controls and human input.

  • scott

    You say people who dont like the HDR is because thats not how they see the world, or remeber it……but what kind of hallucinogens does a person need to be on to see or remember things with trails and other physcodellic images? (And no, its not my lack of creativity)

  • I don’t think anyone has to be on hallucinogens to see the world an a way that isn’t strictly as it was the day we experienced it. A lot of HDR imagery conveys to me the feelings of Magic Realism or the surreal of the likes of Juan Rulfo and Gabriel Garcia Marquez and maybe a little bit of Kafka or Jorge Luis Borges. I think we all see or remember the world in a way that is outside of “reality”. There is something “fantastic” or “miraculous” in just about all of our experiences, we just have to look for it and identify it. Love it or hate it there is something to say about HDR, you just can’t pass it up. It pulls you in like the works of Miro or Picasso, you either say wow that is great or what is that… Trey thanks for your work, very inspiring and thought provoking!

  • Dee – HDR is described there on the right – click on HDR Tutorial and it will tell you all about it!

    Scott – I am convinced that people let their emotions and memories color and intensify certain scenes into a dream-like quality.

    You can see the same intensity and variety of light and colors in impressionist paintings, which are also emotionally evocative. Impressionist paintings look NOTHING like the actual scene, really, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t somehow resonate with people.

  • Matt


    I was curious to know if you do your HDR pictures differently for night shots as compared to day shoots? Often times the shoots I take at night don’t come out quite right. For instance 5 exposures compared to 3… etc.

  • They differ a little — usually 3 exposures instead of 5.

  • scott

    You say you are convinced people let thier emotions and memories color and intensify certain scenes into dream like qualitys.. Well how can you do that when its already been forced to happen through effects? Or when there isnt even a true image there to start with?

  • jon

    well scott, this wasn’t your memory and your emotions did not influence the shot. that’s what is trying to be shared and expressed through art… the view of the artist. when people try to take pictures or write literature for other people instead, it quickly turns from a piece or art into a product for consumption.

  • I don’t know what a true image is — if you mean a single exposure taken from a traditional camera, then I guess I do. I don’t do a lot of those shots — I certainly could, but I find more satisfaction in surfing the membrane between memory and fleeting reality.

  • Jonatan de jesus

    I have one picture of ghost I was at disney 2/5/09 is you want to see

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