The Hidden Icy Blue Vortex

The sound was deafening in this little canyon a few miles off the main road. I had no idea what to expect before finding this place and was getting worried as soon as I heard the roar of the glacial water. The crashing came in alarming waves just before I started moving my way down into the canyon.

…and then there was the matter of finding a pretty position that showed all the layers and actions of the canyon… and then there was the matter of selecting the right songs for my ipod during the shot to help me figure things out… and then the matter of wondering why I am describing the seemingly OCD analysis.

The Hidden Icy Blue Vortex

  • gypman

    Another great shot. Thanks for sharing. I look forward everyday to see what you come up with.

  • mark jedra


  • ftw

    Cool. Very nice

  • W-O-W how do you fine these places? where is this at?

  • Ann

    this is why I write, not photograph. I couldn’t even get decent shots of my knitting to post and you do this… I’ll stick to words and let the artists do the visuals. thank you for this morning’s beauty

  • Thanks! I usually do a bit of research before I visit a place to hear if there are rumors or hints of interesting remote places!

  • DEE

    Water has power and sometimes it shows beauty.

  • Wow that was awesome…I, too, look forward to your next pic…Thank you so much for sharing them with all of us…J

  • franielee38

    How beautiful!!!!

  • Ole

    This shot is gorgeous. Can tell how/why the water sounded so loud. However, in ‘real life’ the colors are not so loudly vivid. Am wondering what it looked like in ‘real’??

  • morgan

    Absolutely stunning, this is the kind of photo that makes me stop in my tracks and stare.

  • ben

    Nice. According to the EXIF info on Flickr, I was here 5 days after you. I nearly framed the exact same pic too. but without the HDR. Most of my shots here were of my friends jumping in to the icy, blue water just downstream. Too bad I missed you.

  • Thanks! Yes we were probably there around the same time… feel free to walk up to me if that is the case. People recognize me from time to time and come over and say hi. One time I had this Ukrainian guy that was in the US and at a small cafe outside of Yellowstone while I was resupplying. He came over an introduced himself and we geeked out about cameras for a bit!

  • Don Young

    What was the info for this shot. I was wondering what the
    f-stop, shutter, ISO and Lens etc. Thanks


  • It makes me glad to see that there is still some unspoiled/unpolluted nature left on this planet.

  • Thanks. The ISO was at 100 — the other settings vary according to the HDR process described there on the right in the HDR Tutorial.

  • this doesn’t look real.

  • Teresa

    calgon take me away!!!!!!

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