an afternoon with her little boy

And now for something a little different. I rarely do this sort of thing… People ask me all the time to come take family pictures (or weddings and these sorts of things) — I always regretfully say NO because, well, I never really have a great excuse other than it takes too much energy to do something interesting. Also, sometimes I pretend to be too busy like George in that one episode of Seinfeld.

So I had an idea to make something unique and vintage and the muse here was up for it… and she had similar ideas around capturing some moments with her little boy. I’m happy with how these things are turning out…

sometime in late afternoon 1

sometime in late afternoon 2

A Muse in the Forest

sometime in late afternoon 4

Vintage Series

  • I can’t see most of your photos because you’ve made them private on flickr.

  • Gail

    The two that came through are very good, but can’t see the rest 🙁

  • DEE

    No comment

  • Wups! There I fixed it up… my mistake!

  • Barb

    These aren’t your usual bright and shiny pictures. I like the change. Thanks

  • Rik

    Trey excellent…thanks

  • charles

    Awsome, nothing less than awsome. Love the mood and the texture. I get the impression that you took picture of memories or ghost.

  • sbtm


    I would love to know how you did these if you don’t mind sharing the secret.

  • Thank you all – I’m glad you like them too… interesting charles yes a ghost – reeling in you now.

  • Really like the work. It’s quite a departure from what I have become accustomed to with you. Nice textures and they have a ethereal vintage feel.

  • Very nice diversion Trey. Great tones, mood, at textures!

    You never fail to be an incredible inspiration. Thanks 🙂

  • who could resist a wounderful puppydog look like that great pict. nice change. but by all means don’t stop with all of the others 🙂

  • DEE

    Today I saw it again. Came through better.

  • trey this is awesome. you really are an inspiration to leisure photographers (like me).

  • seriously…what program are you using to manipulate these great photos?

  • Thanks Sophia… I spent a long time on these to try to reach something I had locked away in my head… after many mistakes and missteps, I finally put together a frightening series of steps to create this look.

  • darthlaurel

    These were just fantastic. I would love photos like this of my family….I am sure they will treasure them.

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