Johnny Depp live on the set as Captain Jack Sparrow

Okay there is he! No… not really him… but this guy was an incredible look-alike. He had all the mannerisms down pat, which, until recently, I had not realized was based on a drugged-out Keith Richards.

There are a ton of stories about women and randy moms hitting on Captain Sparrow while at Disney with their kids… I dug up one of the blogs at that you can read… very entertaining!

Johnny Depp live on the set as Captain Jack Sparrow

  • Funny link by the way….
    Great detail on this one! Did you use a little of Lucisart? The left hand shadows look like it. Great color too 🙂

  • ok you’ve killed me by laughter now…thanks…THANKS hahahaha 🙂

  • Teresa

    I’ve seen him!! He is FANTASTIC as Johnny Depp’s character. Great picture of him!! Thanks for ALL those amazing pictures.

  • DEE

    You’ve captured the details of costume and expression.

  • Thanks! Yes there was a touch of sweet lucis in the processing.

  • An incredible likeness to Depp, whom I adore (not a randy mom, just a woman). I’d hit on him.

  • Purple Mark

    Great photo! I know a fellow here in Seattle who did a perfect
    version of Johnny Depp in the role of the Charlie Chaplinesque
    character in Benny and Joon!

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  • Kite

    It’s quite possible that it was the actual Johnny Depp depending on the day. I heard from a friend of mine who was working there that fall that he had been in town and actually acted the part during on of their parades. They kept it quiet so that people would not freak out.

    Maybe it was just a rumor though.

  • Jamee

    I think the gentleman in the background died this week after falling and hitting his head during a performance.

  • Johnny Depp is one hell of an actor and I like that he not only does a great job with parts he plays but he becomes role and he is one hot man

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