Anyone want to join me at the beach for a good conversation?

I’ll take the seat on the left… no… okay, the one on the right. It’s alright… sit in whichever one you like. Where should we put our drinks? Ahhh the grass will be fine… okay, now, what to discuss? So many places to start!

Anyone want to join me at the beach for a good conversation?

  • I would love to sit in either of those seats. Conversation? No words necessary.

  • Oooh…I can preactically feel the wind and hear the waves. All I need is some bueno cerveza!!

  • Susan

    aaahh! What a delightful scene! I am there already!

  • DEE

    Looks comfortable. It’s cold here.

  • Irene

    Looks wonderful! A little warmth right now would be much appreciated weather and conversation wise. Thank you for sharing your work, I look forward to every new pic you post.

  • Deb

    The beach is one of my most favorite places! This is a WONDERFUL picture! Very inviting! It beckons to me–relax, have a drink and listen to some good conversation and the ocean. THANK YOU!! I’m saving it for my computer wallpaper.

  • Gail

    I’ll take either seat, looks so relaxing. Nothing like any body of water to bring peace and tranquility to your soul!!! Thanks for sharing this picture, so peaceful just to gaze at!!!!!!!

  • Ah, I can hear the surf now and feel the wind…ah. Nice shot, as usual!

  • Rajesh

    Two chairs conversing …

  • Sunshine

    This is an awesome picture!!

    But I’m struck by how most of the comments refer to it as relaxing or inviting even on Flickr. Close observation shows you the elements are telling a different story. There is a strong ocean surge going on here. The wind appears to be blowing in at a steady push on the sea grass as it waves defiantly evading a perfect “serene” capture. The cloud coverage is coming together ominously behind you.

    Another perfect example of how a calculated and well framed illusion can hypnotize the observer from seeing the brewing storm.

    “Messiah”, anyone? Be careful what you ask for!!

  • Sunshine

    By the way, it is also telling that the seats are already drenched, but you miss it as the eye lies at first glance, deluding you into believing it’s just the sun’s rays radiating warmth.

  • Wow you guys are really starting to analyze the shot as much as I do! I like it… makes me feel good I’m not the only crazy one that layers meaning on top of moments of space.

  • Dr. Electro

    South Padre sunrise? Nearly. West Palm sunset? Almost close enough. Remember: “:The Stars at night are big and bright,”

    Ok, enough homerism. It’s a lovely evening for a Corona and lime picnic.

  • Craig F.

    No shoes No shirts No problems!!!
    Thanks For Your Time Trey,

  • Delia

    I agree with Bob the Builder. Spectacular photo!

    We have so much beauty in the U.S. It is amazing.

  • Wonderful picture to dream on. Thanks so much.

  • Hey, where was that taken? The Ritz or the Breakers? My home town and stomping grounds (hehehe)

    Great image, but I think the stories from you and your travels would dwarf this scene. But then again, I live down here ๐Ÿ™‚

  • haha thanks… this is at The Breakers.

  • i wouldn’t mind sitting there at the beach – but i’d rather talk to my own husband ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks.

  • oh my this picture me miss my home sooooo much:) but looking at a picture like this is so relaxing and beautful just make you want to sit in eather chair. where is this taken at? could you please let me know. have you ever been down to panama city beach flordia?

  • no, it’s my desktop wallpaper, and “virtual e-office” from afterglow of thai ;))
    thnx’ a! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Allie

    I live in West Palm and looking at your pictures makes me see it in an entirely different light. I would love to have a conversation with you on the beach. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  • treyratcliff


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