A few more from Hong Kong…

Here are a few other favorites from Hong Kong to go along with the new one from yesterday. I hope these fire off more neurons in your pleasure centers!


Hong Kong Fireworks in the South China Sea

The Ferry Port of Hong Kong

  • juma

    honestly i think your photos are so ugly/fake its unbearable. at least, go easy on the dynamic range of the pictures. its too much and they dont look like photographs at all. no subjects of interest the only thing worth looking at is the HDR effect.

    i just had to say something about this sorry if i offended you.

  • Tana

    I think your pictures are absolutely gorgous!!

  • Thanks… no problem Juma… it’s my experience that only about 80% of people are not bothered by the look — in fact they quite like it. I’m positive that people store images differently in their brains, and this technique only appeals to those that see the world in somewhat of an impressionistic way.

  • guardian

    Oi … here’s a thought, don’t visit this website if you don’t enjoy this person’s work. There are hundreds of us that DO enjoy it …
    You are definately entitled to an opinion, but you could have found a professional and more courteous way to express your thoughts.

  • Nancy in New Mexico

    My first time to post – I’ve recently added your site to my start-up page and I am thoroughly enjoying your photos. Incredible! I love the effect and even without it, you have an amazing eye. I was a bit angry at that first post, but think guardian said it all.

  • Momfinkes

    I have never posted a comment, but I check these pics out everyday. I think it is amazing to take the things that many people pass in everyday life and give them a fresh look so we pay attention again. Sure, some pics are of things I will never see, but to make a building look like it is alive is amazing!

  • glenn hemminger

    I have had the opportunity in the past to travel to most of asia, and seeing your pictures brings back very fond memories of my time spent there. Keep up the excellent work.

  • DEE

    Excellent! I check your photos everyday. I travel with you vicariously. So I experience so much. Thanks

  • Donna

    Hi – my 1st post to you also, but after the initial negative comment I felt I should comment that I’ve added you to my homepage about 1-1/2 mos. ago & look forward to each day – your photos are very striking and awesome. Thank you for posting them!

  • scott

    I have very much agreed with the issue of things being made unrealistic with effects when your great subject choices are already beuatiful/unusual/unique as are. My humble opinoin is that these are things I never seen anyway, so I would like to see them natural, as they are, which is stunning enough….again due to your great subject choices and anles/perspectives.

  • scott

    Oops, forgot a ‘G’ in my comment.

  • Man – Looking at your photos makes me want to go back to Hong Kong! I brought my first DSLR there, and now that I am many more months down the track, would love to go back and re-capture things again without the dSLR on AUTO!!! Your work is awesome – more for the craft that you spend so much energy and passion on developing – and as someone said above – even without the HDR processing, you still have an awesome eye for the shot! 🙂

  • Gail

    Stunning pictures. You give us a different prospective of things we take for granted. I, for one, love looking at you pictures. I’m so glad I added your website to my homepage and get new photos everyday from all over. As you said, we all have our druthers, but glad 80% of your comments are on the positive side and I agree with guardian 100%. I will keep on traveling via your website and enjoy every minute of it!!!!! Thanks so very much!!

  • mike phelan

    Hi again
    Up in a cockpit on a short final approach in a L1011 is how I remember this place your
    artwork is great from Dresden to here is a long way but is well worth waiting in line to see as your eye and
    devices all add up to an image that does generate conversation and beauty at their limits !!!

  • Thanks yall! Haha… no worries about some of these negative nancies on here… they don’t bother me – don’t let em bother you either.

    Thank you to the first time posters! I read every comment — wish I had time to respond to them all – but every word you write gets into my head – so thanks!

  • charles

    photos are great zuma should wake up

  • stephen

    absolutely stunning as usual.

    did you use a layer mask to get the fireworks in the second shot?

  • stephen

    (assuming those are fireworks and not some ridiculous kind of light)

  • will

    Hello I was moved to write by the first negative comment.Your photos truly help my wife and I everyday. We have family in India and Hong Kong who we visit every couple years. Well we could not this year as my wife was diagnosed with breast cancer, Needless to say she has her bad days but your photos bring great joy as we look at them together and think back to the places you captured. THANK YOU words can describe the joy and relief they have given us.

  • Yes, you do need impressionistic ability to see HK in such colourful and impressive way. Somehow I’m get used to it already ~ thanks for a refresh!

  • I recently started viewing your photogrpahs and find them amazing.
    Hong Kong at Dusk is now one of my all-time favorites and will serve as a beautiful screen saver for me.
    Thank you for what you do, and for sharing your talent with the rest of us!

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