Family Errands

I am sure cramming three or more people on a motorcycle looks surprising, but, surprisingly, my surprise began to subside after just a few days. I think the MOST I saw on a motorcycle was 6 people… a mom and dad and 4 kids squnched in between. I never got a great shot of that…

…as I was walking around Jogjakarta, I did find this young mom and her two kids off on their daily errands.

Family Errands

  • Yeah, I live in Ecuador and see the same thing all the time. My anti-favorite is to see a family of 5 with only dad wearing the helmet!

  • DEE

    The children need helmets.

  • Hi Trey,

    Something has changed in the look of this blog on my end. The original layout is gone and all of the type is now default serif! Has a stylesheet disappeared from the site?

  • …that is on Firefox. On IE6, I get a javascript error: “…Blogbeat is undefined…”. The site loads slowly and has more formatting, but looks ‘off’ still.

  • Rik

    The problem is the helmet companies don’t make helmelts children size. Excellent shot.

  • Love your photos. I’ve usually spelled Yogyakarta, not that it really matters.

  • That really shows how life is VERY different in other places…I wouldn’t imagine seeing that in Canada.

  • Thanks! Yes I am getting some HTML errors on the blog — trying to figure it out!

  • she just looks way too young to be a mom, of two!!! great expression on her face, though

  • Very nice portrait!
    We like that they are looking straight at you; not smiling – just looking at you and your camera. Makes it natural.
    Nice DOF –
    Good work!

  • HELMETS!?! They’re not sitting at an on-ramp for the Autobahn! It is a glimpse of life different from what you may know, but it is life as these people know it. I get it. Thanks!

  • Love this portrait! I remembered seeing families of 5 on mopeds in Morocco a few years ago. Yikes!

  • It’s a sign of how far we have progressed here in the country regarding children’s safety that when I saw this picture, I shuddered. The kid in front looks as if he’s about to slip under her arm and onto the street. Yikes!

  • Delia

    I think the little boy in the front is very familiar with the fact that he must hold on for dear life. This is not the norm for us here in most parts of the U.S., however, the fact that they own a Moped is probably shy of amazing!

    Wonderful shot! I agree that it is very natural.

  • Baamboo

    The little boy definitely knows what’s up, keep in mind that he is standing on the foot rest, not about to slip out of reach. Remember this is the primary form of transportation for those lucky enough to afford it. The streets swarm with the bikes and accidents are common, though I’d feel more intimidated driving one of the compact cars because of how many bikes are all around you.

  • wid

    Looks like she and her family are migrated to Jogja.
    License plate is from Kalimatan Timur (East Borneo)

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