The Sulfur Runoff at Mammoth

This is the Mammoth area of Yellowstone. It’s in the north, up near the Montana Wyoming border.  The whole area is very alien with that acrid smell and the crystallizing trees…

The Sulfur Runoff at Mammoth

  • Sure sounds, looks and the date seems to point to the eruption of a volcano…to me.

  • Beautiful thank you for sharing, Judy

  • Deb

    very strange looking but beautiful too!
    Thank you for sharing your travels with all of us that can’t go.

  • DEE

    Where does the sulfur come from?

  • chgowhtlady

    Since I don’t get to travel much, I truly appreciate your beautiful pictures. Keep them coming…I love them.
    Thank you so very much

  • Purple Mark

    I grew up around this area and we used to go hot-potting just
    down the hiill from here where the thermal waters ran into the
    Yellowstone River. It was a fabulous experience. However, the
    comment about the volcano is absolutely correct– the whole
    park is one big super volcano and it may rival Krakatoa when it

  • Ron Thompson

    I appreciate the wonderful photos that you share with all of us. I do wonder why as a people that we don’t use this thermal resource to produce electricity. The Icelandic people take advantage of their thermal resource why don’t we as Americans develop a non-intrusivemethodology to tap this gint resource to produce electricty instead of burning fossil fuels. It seems that we are not using the blessings bestowed on America to protect our enviroment and assure prosperity to the millons of citizens that will follow us as time passes and resources are depleted. What are we leaving behind for generations to follow?

  • These are not just impressive photos, they are also works of art! Some of them have been amazing, to say the least…and some are just totally awesome. It is good to know there are still beautiful things to see in the world. Thank you!

  • Claire

    Yes! Hot potting down to the right of the RVs is fantastic. However, the water temp has gone way up since I was a kid. There used to be a cave with a hot waterfall flowing over the entrance. It was closed up because it became a hazard. Nowadays folks move rocks around a barrier wall to get the perfect blend of unbearably hot water and icy cold water from the river. It is fantastic.

    I don’t know much about tapping into thermal resources but perhaps it is not logical because this area is very sparsely populated? Church Universal and Triumphant (C.U.T.), lead by Elizabeth Clair Prophet just north of Mammoth, tried to tap into it but they were shut down. Of course they also had massive stores of weapons and fall-out shelters for hundreds of followers. Perhaps a better resource is the extremely high winds in the valley (which are being harnessed).

    Nice shot, Trey.

  • Thanks – Claire that is interesting about CUT – I have never heard that!

  • wonderful sot

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