The Secret Underground of Iceland

It was about 5 in the morning in Reykjavik and I was colder than any human is supposed to be, but I had my coffee and tripod and was on a mission to catch the sunrise. While en route, I passed the icy city hall while the dawn light was breaking to capture this.

The Secret Underground of Iceland

  • Wow . . . insane color contrast. I love it!!
    What lens was this shot with??

  • Rik Thompson

    You really do some awesome work!!

  • Richard Waters

    fabulous image….

  • The colors are so rich…gorgeous shot!

  • Truly awesome…Love all your pictures, thank you

  • So you found it… now we have to, uhm, make you disappear…

  • Craig F.

    Wonderful Colors!!! Ragnarsson Iceland is no secret to the US. lol nice try though

  • DEE

    Is that really secret?

  • Haha thanks… no.. not terribly secret I guess… ! This was shot with a sigma 10-20mm!

  • LCItala

    you must have all the patience in the world to wait for the colors to just come right…awesome color contrast. thank you once again…i use your pictures as my personal screensaver so i can look at it again and again…

  • Dr. Electro

    The colors and contrasts are visually stunning. I sat here with my mouth agape until my wife prodded me and asked what was wrong. I had a hard time explaining the impact of the photo to her. She saw a picture of a wet, cold city and nothing more. Funny, isn’t it?

  • i love you..r pictures

  • billy

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  • Ken

    Is it a shelter where the people of Icealnd seek cover from the global financial crisis?

  • so exciting post
    i like it very very much

  • Arni

    Ken, good one. With current situation, we actually might have to do just that.

    Great pic

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