The Streetside Store with the Magical Creatures

Isn’t this just the sort of thing you expect to see in a small streetside window in France? Well it’s exactly what I saw so I had to grab a shot… Yes – I know it’s busy… but that’s kinda the point 🙂

The Streetside Store with the Magical Creatures

  • vicki

    what a great jig saw puzzle this would’s just wonderful

  • Susan

    Wonderful….just great Trey!

  • Dr. Electro

    I’m going to Lyon just to see if I can find this store. I think I’ll go in late April when the weather is superb.

  • D’Elda

    What if something is missing?

  • DEE

    Has he found what is missing?

  • can you find the… this would make a wounderful find the hiden object. great picture so full of great and wounderful things:)

  • I feel like I’m supposed to find Waldo! I love how much one can discover. I’m sure you could go back again and again and always find something new you did not see the time before…

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