The Taj, Framed

I recently gave a few talks here in Austin (one at UT and one at ACC) about photography, this technique, and various other meandering topics on the brain and perception that I hope did not bore the crowd! This is one of the photos that we worked on during the class, so I thought I would upload to share with everyone!

I also provided a link to my tutorial in the class… here it is for those of you that are interested!

The Taj, Framed



  • Thanks again for coming to ACC on Friday

  • Wonderful job! I was thinking about to take a photography course – because I know nothing about – and see your pictures is inspirating!
    I loved it here!

  • What a fabulous shot. I love the composition too. I’ve been to Taj numerous times but never thought of taking a photo from that angle. So beautiful.

    I’ve recently discovered your blog and I’m from Austin too. How do I attend your lecture/course? I ‘d love to attend!

  • Thanks! Well the classes are normally existing entities and I am invited as a guest speaker. I do have a more publicly available one coming up in January at a local austin photography group meeting. I’ll be sure to announce it on here for the locals!

  • casper

    Looks a little blown out to me. I know it is the effect you are going for, but couldn’t you over-expose the sky a little less using your HDR techniques?

    Love all your other pics! 😉

  • Yes, actually I left it blindingly white in the middle… the thing is super white in the right light, and I wanted it to appear to be glowing as much as possible… I could have tone-mapped it more, but decided not to for this one. Thanks for the feedback, though! I know what you mean… I go back and forth.

  • Dr. Electro

    I can see the glow effect. It’s visually impressive. The interior you shot from gives just the right contrast for the glow. Nice work.

  • wonderful post

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