Some more from Dresden

People seemed to like the Dresden shots so much… here are a few more! I hope you like these too.

Stück in Germany - Dresden After the Bombing, Way after the Bombing

The Bridge of Death

  • Pit

    Love to see these, since its my current hometown 😀
    Nextx time you’re going to visit, send a message, please! 🙂

    oh and if you like to, check out these two:

  • Ann Edwards

    The second picture…

    It is so wonderful. I don’t know if you’ll understand this but it made me feel Jane Austen-ish.
    Gothic. Windswept Rain.

  • D’Elda

    Thanks again for Dresden. I try not to cry. I read SLAUGHTER HOUSE FIVE years ago and Dresden has been important ever since.

  • Fran

    A beautiful place I will never see except for your pictures! Thanks!

  • amy nickerson

    love these pictures. i used to live in dresden for 2 years and these are incredible shots of the altstadt area.

  • Lauretta K

    Why is this called “the bridge of death” Was this a prison?

  • Rutledge

    RE More from Dresden, “The Bridge of Death”

    Are the effects here done with Exposure/Contrast, and “Portraitize?” Don’t give away your secrets!! Just curious, because this photo (in fact, most of yours) could be used in an instructional course or manual for excellent photography.

    Keep ’em coming!

  • Pit

    He uses HDR in most of his pictures. And he really is an expert at it 😮
    I’m not so sure whether “Death Bridge” would be the correct name for this bridge in the second picture. It connects the Dresden castle with the “Hofkirche” (a church). And I suppose it’s not in use anymore.
    The upper picture shows the location of the bridge from further away but roughly the same angle. On the far right end you can also see the Semper opera house.
    Excellent work, like always.

  • Deb

    BEAUTIFUL! Looks like a fairytale. I really love your pictures. They take me away for a little while and I forget the pressures of the everyday. THANK YOU!!!

  • HAaha – thanks! Glad you like them…more from Dresden coming up in a bit…

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