J’etais en Francais

I was walking around close to midnight, taking the long way back to my hotel after leaving Notre Dame. This area was full of life, so I moved around to find a few interesting shots.

J'etais en Francais

  • Dr. Electro

    A very lively scene!

  • kamalh

    nice and beautiful shot…..

  • The color is beautiful…

  • The picture looks so beautful with all of the lights glowing around everything. I really don’t know all of the technal terms for what you do when you take a picture or how to set up the right frame and all I usually just take what looks good anf hope for the best 🙂 But I really enjoy looking at all of the many shots that you have taken and a few others in your line of “work” please keep it up so that I have something to look at when I wake up in the AM that will take me to the long away place.

  • kavya

    very lively building and well lit area.

  • Hendrik

    The title should read “J’étais en France”, and not “Français”

  • Beautiful shot makes one want to be there.

  • Gail

    Great job, love the angle. Another place I would love to visit. Thanks for sharing!!

  • D’Elda


  • Très belle photo Trey. Lâche pas! Tout le monde ici aime voyager au travers de tes photos. Merci!

  • Jared Wait

    Beautiful shot. To bad it is in France.

  • Hey thanks all… yes lots of activity there!



  • Rutledge

    Wonderful shot, again! I can mentally see Quasimoto climbing from parapet to gargoyle to the bell tower, and thinking, “Notre Dame this ain’t, close as it is. We gotta get some more bells here. I feel mute!Hey, Roxanna…!”

    Thanks again,


  • I’m sure you get this comment a lot, but… How are you able to travel so much? Is your bank account an always growing money tree? Just wondering… You shoot amazing stuff, and I showed your website to my classroom; they were amazed as well. Great stuff, just gotta ask how the heck you do it. Are you going to be creating any books in the future?

    Keep up the good work
    – Dan

  • Thanks! I post these pics out of chronological order… I have a backlog of 7000 photos I have to go through and process… as I process them, out of order, I repost. I am sure it looks like I travel to and fro more than I do! 🙂

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