A Blonde in Hong Kong

This is Sophia Froeschl, an Austrian model I met in Hong Kong. I am not sure I remember how I met her and her boyfriend, but it was either up at the peak or later at the bar while I was editing photos. See, I am a total geek and when I am in hotels, I don’t go to the bar to drink alcohol… I go down there, order tomato juice, listen to good music, and edit photos until my battery dies. I usually pick a remote corner, but people occasionally see me editing photos, and since they are some level of bored, they come over and start talking. Anyway, Sophia and her boyfriend could not have been nicer – they sat down and we drank and talked. I asked if I could take her photo since she was the prettier of the two, and he said of course!

A Blonde in Hong Kong

  • Love your stuff, Mr. R. Over the top creative! Scrolling the table of contents listing your work at this site, I notice an absence of Oregon. The entire state, and particularly the coast, presents a beautiful tapestry for your magical art. Give it some consideration…you won’t be disappointed.

  • Dr. Electro

    Geek power attracts beautiful women. Just try not to eat your foot on the first word out of your mouth and just be yourself.

    Is that one of the hotel bars? There are a bunch of places in Hong Kong that have decor like that.

  • Flo

    Well, Austrians are pretty…what else can I say 🙂
    Do you do your portraits in HDR too, btw?

  • Thanks. Yes Electro- this is a local bar… and my portraits are not HDR — many of them, like this one, use the textures from my tutorial over there on the right! 🙂

  • Tom

    Holy Cow, this is simply amazing.

  • D’Elda

    Good color. I like it.

  • American_in_Europe

    Kudos to you! Very nice pic and pose!

  • habla

    She made my day.

  • I think what I love most is the story behind the photo. Of course the photo caught my eye too and your method of editing.. I find her pose to be very interesting but love her eyes.

  • Hi,

    Finally, I feel a lot less alone, someone who like to geek and drink tomato juice !

    Thanks !

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