The Ruins of Southern Iceland

This is a very old farmhouse in the south of Iceland. The wooden roof rotted off a long time ago, and now a lonely cold wind rips through the hollow doors.

The Ruins of Iceland

  • Pamela Robinson

    You have taken some of the most striking image I have ever seen. They are not of the everyday type, You have waited until there was a singular uniqueness about the places.

  • D’Elda

    Fascinating. Unique? Yes. Thanks

  • Deb

    the pictures you take are some of the most striking I have ever see!! This one is very surreal,dark and lovely at the same time. Thanks for sharing!

  • Fran

    Most beautiful pictures. Thank you for sharing them!

  • jim deacon

    the sky is interesting, as for the rest of it, you all have got to be joking.
    the emperors robe syndrome perhaps?

  • Rik Thomsen

    You have a very extrodinary way of using your camera. I am impressed and enjoy your work. Thank you for sharing



  • Dr. Electro

    I agree with Pam. You caught exactly the mood and emotion of the scene.

    This is the kind of scene I imagine intact when I think of the “real” Hagar the Horrible. Not a living comic strip but a primordial human with a true Viking temperament and lifestyle.

  • Haha thanks yall… It is hard to post a unique pic every day to keep you guys happy — but I’ll keep on tryin! 🙂

  • Craig F.

    Striking, to say the least. Excellent timing!!!

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