An out-of-control Sunset

This is a temple near the main wat of Angkor in Siem Reap. The sunset was going crazy and then some Cambodian security came to clear people out of the temple. I stayed on the run (sorta), ducking in and out of these little tombs when they came around in their cute little uniforms. I would have been more intimidated if they looked like Cambodian military (I don’t want to mess with those guys), but they looked like hired help… Eventually everyone was gone but me and a few security guards, making the rounds… eventually the rouse was up and my Metal Geal Solid routine had run its course.

An out-of-control Sunset

  • I really dig the clouds. I can’t seem to get the whole thing in one process – I’ve played with your tutorial, however, my equipment doesn’t behave properly and Photomatix doesn’t recognize my RAW photographs. I’m but the youngling paduan.



  • Marta

    WOW- Thanks for all the beautiful photos. I will probably never get most of the places shown on here.

  • gypman

    Another exciing sunset in more ways than one.
    I look forward to your daily pics.

  • Out of Control Sunset

    Siem Reap, keeper of tombs
    Bounder of hearts, and minds
    Into awe-inspiring trance.
    A glorious past in presence, tense
    Angkor’s tattered timekeepers of sandstone face.

    Human footprints continue to press
    While neutrals of nature wind their way
    Asking for full potential to become whole.
    Angkor Wat, widening narrow crevices in a charming way
    Welcoming strangers from every land.

    Foreboding clouds, obscure sky painters
    Rise above Angkor Wat, body of antiquity.
    A late afternoon warning to those who have yet to sense
    In the manifold crossings of stone worn bare
    We are all obliged to nature’s temperament.

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  • wow.. so exciting post i like this pic very very much

  • Paul

    Trey, great pictures as always – what time of year did you goto Cambodia, all your shots are peopleless but the weather seems acceptable (apart from hot and sweaty, but not rainy seaon)

  • Amber

    Most amazing! How could anyone not see someone bigger than us created such beauty? That you for spreading God’s work.

  • I Can’t wate to see what new picture is on this site every morning. All of the pic. are just beautyful and I get a little look at places that I will never be able to go and see. Thanks and keep up the great and wounderful work.

  • Dr. Electro

    When we were sneaking into and out of Cambodia we kept down and tip-toed quietly as you can well imagine. But here we just stood in awe for a while before coming to our senses and moving on. It is one of those places that should have a sign that reads, “Made You Look!”

  • Craig F.

    Very nice work!!! It is nice to let your mind drift into these photos and try to imagine what it must feel like to see places like this with your whole being.
    Thank you for the wonderful work!!!

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