The High Altar and the Inner Cloister of Notre Dame

This is one place they do not like you to use a tripod — inside Notre Dame. I stuffed it down beside my leg inside my overcoat and acted like an invalid, limping in to pray to the pantheon of saints. Once inside, I dropped the rouse and extended the tripod like a transformer and shot away. I got off enough right before they told me to stop in rather polite French.

The High Altar and the Inner Cloister of Notre Dame

  • Eric M

    wow. you were really able to show how grand the inside is, im glad you were able to get away with taking the photo!

  • Seriously, what is up with cathedral and tripods??!? I get so ticked at these nonsensical policies. I’ve been doing lots of mosques lately and they are perfectly cool with tripods. You’d think the cathedrals would realize they’re getting free publicity…

  • Oh, one question I’ve been meaning to ask. In general for these indoor cathedral shots, do you generally shoot from -2 to +2 or something like -1 to +3?

  • Flo

    Haha, nice one, pretending to be invalid…In the Pantheon they won’t let you use a tripod as well. It’s kind of hard holding a camera without shaking, especially when you are an exchange student looking for some culture after a long weekend 🙂

    Great shot btw, as always….

  • Thanks all haha…

    Hans, I do -2 to +2 — With aperture priority, the shutter speed will adjust to get all the light needed for the process.

  • Nice shot. The issue of tripods is not just in cathedrals. I always gets harassed no matter where I go with my tripod. Stories abound om the internet from all major cities of photographers getting harassed, with and without tripod.

  • Lovely!

  • I wonder what it is abou tripods? It’s just a few pieces of metal, the use of it is clear…Maybe people feel the need to make stupid rules all over the world, huh?

  • WOW i have no words really
    just exciting cool and wonderful post
    you’re really great photographer

  • ftw

    Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! I was there in September (and observed the ‘no pics, sign). I so wanted to take some pics, but the thought of a foreign jail deterred me. I’m sure I’d make a scene if they tried to take my camera. Thanks! Thanks! a thousand thanks. I just love it that you were able to take this pic and share it with me. I’m soooo happy.

  • Beautiful image! I had no problems brining in my tripod but I got kicked out as soon I started using it 🙁

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