Vacancy at the Bel Air Motel

This is one of those places that I always drive by in Austin but never took the time to shoot… Finally, one day the clouds seemed right for the kind of shot I wanted, so I pulled over to make it happen!

Vacancy at the Bel Air Motel

  • jim deacon

    looks straight out of hitchcocks phsyco

  • Deb

    these are some of the most fabulous pics I have ever seen!! I just want to thank you for allowing me to share in the places you go.

  • Not now mother I’m bussy

  • haha yes – came out rather creepy – I have been wanting to shoot it at night too.

  • Without being too sycophantic, I’m in constant awe of your compositions and love meandering through your site. It’s often the details that make the image so powerful and with this one I think its the wires that come in from the bottom right corner.

  • my goodness this is an awesome photo. Did you use one of your textures layered?


  • Hehe thanks — yes I did use the textures

  • Alex

    I don’t think that sign is there anymore. I think they renovated the motel recently and i didn’t see the sign when i drove by it last… : /

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