The Wild Side of Yellowstone

I tracked this guy for over two hours through the wilderness. He knew I was following him for sure as we would move from trees to fields then back to trees. After the first 10 minutes, it was obvious that he was a million times more agile… and I was a million times more dirty. After the event, not only was I covered in dirt and leaves, but it took me half an hour to figure out where in the world the road and my car was!

The Wild Side of Yellowstone

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  • And it was worth every minute of getting dirty and lost. What a wonderful, wonderful image. Beautiful. You are so talented!

  • dang! great photo.

  • D’Elda

    I love pictures of wolves. Good job. It was worth it

  • Nice shot and what an expression. Btw, how far you stood from this guy and is it just him only? I suppose they are in groups. And is there any big stuff on the left, because i can see it was covered with shadows.



  • Haha thanks! This one was not in a group… all by his lonesome. I think I was probably about 20 feet away with a 200mm lens.

  • Rutledge

    Whoever you are (Hello!), you are a photographic genius. Thank you SO much for sharing these brilliant photos with the rest of the world. (That last statement should be good for YAHOO’s ego! 🙂 But to you, you deserve the sentiment. And far more.

    Thanks again.

  • Absolutely gorgeous shot! Just wanted to delurk and let you know that I thoroughly enjoy your site.

  • Karen

    I would swear that’s a coyote rather than a Wolf.
    Would also explain why it was on its own.

  • I thought it was a wolf at first too but I think Karen might be right. As she said, it would be very strange to see a wolf on its own.

  • Thanks! This guy is a coyote — he has a big and flat tail that flopped behind him when he ran…

  • Michael

    Coyote: “Alright, fine. Take my picture already and quit following me!”

    I love the look on his face. He looks real impressed. Great pic and fun story behind it.

  • Jeremy

    Love your work (have it bookmarked), and this capture has to be one of my fav’s

  • Bruce Wolff

    Beautiful image of a beautiful animal. Thanks to you dfor posting and those them back.

  • pmw

    Out of Bounds: The Death of 832F, Yellowstone’s Most Famous Wolf // Leonardo DiCaprio Tackling Wild Animal Tale ‘American Wolf’ (Exclusive) <3 <3

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