The Lonely Trinity

It must gave been a five hour drive from one end of Montana to another. After just a bit, you get mesmerized by the wheat fields.

Driving along, I always start to play games with the clouds and the objects on the horizon. This might sound strange, but I do enjoy seeing them in Euclidean geometric formations… so much so, that I had to jump out of the car to capture this.

The Lonely Trinity

  • beautiful

  • gypman

    Interesting geomentric composition between the three elements. The tree and the wooden shack seem to be reaching for the cloud.

  • very nice! Did you summon that cloud there on purpose?



  • chris banach

    When will you integrate a way to share your amazing work in social networks like facebook etc…?

  • hehe thanks… I had an idea for Facebook…but I need a developer to work on it for me! 🙂

  • Nama

    The picture is just the beginning. A story now must follow. Please create a website and share it. Thanks

  • jim deacon

    whats a trinity!

  • This is another awesome image Trey. However, i just noticed you wrote “It must gave been a five hour drive”. (made me chuckle).

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