Another Sunday in Iceland

This is a really nice little church by a graveyard in the south of Iceland. It was pretty much out in the middle of nowhere, as you can tell. The gate with the cross on the top leads to a tiny and lonely graveyard.

Another Sunday in Iceland (by Stuck in Customs)

  • tomlinton

    Looks newly emptied
    Have they risen?

  • Evelyn Davis

    This picture is BEAUTIFUL!!! I wish I could buy a copy of it.

  • Thanks!

  • wow!!! Great!

  • Lee Olson

    God provided a beautiful place for us on earth, and will provide an eternal kindom for his own|

  • This is some photo! Is there any retouching involved or was that as it appeared at the time? I am quite curious if you travel so widely or take pictures from others for the site. If I may I shall blogroll you, since my blog is primarily literal and I could do with linking to some pictures from time to time.

  • Thanks!

    Yes I used the HDR Technique — I have a tutorial there on the right where you can read more about it.

  • when I first saw this photo I didn’t think it was a real shot,I thought that it was some kinda of painting it looks so sureal. I know that there are many places that are out there in this vast planet we call earth and with pic. like these I know that we can just take a step back and slow down for just a bit to say thanks.

  • wonderful work!

  • Liam Finn – Gather To The Chapel 68,664 <3

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