Turning a Blind Eye

I must have walked 10 miles in Jogjakarta that day. There were so many things to see… interesting people, clothes, etc etc. I saw this guy a few times, and I decided to take a shot on the third time. He regarded me with a cool one-eyed stare and didn’t give much reaction one way or the other. I’m pretty good at getting the vibe if someone does not want their photo taken… I got no vibe from him. Actually, I got no vibe at all.

Turning a Blind Eye

  • That guy is kinda scary,like a character out of a Stephen King book. I’d keep an eye over my shoulder if I were you !!
    Great picture though!

  • So, uh … When can we expect to see the first Stuck in Customs coffee table book hit our local B&N??

  • Hehe… thanks… I don’t know if and when a book deal will be consummated (all I can say!)

  • Dr. Electro

    If you get the deal, Trey, I look forward to buying your book as much as I looked forward to buying Waiter Rant. Otherwise, I will stay tuned here.

  • Love the composition and more so, the title. Apt!

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