To my friends in Iceland!

I’m sorry to hear about all the financial woes there…  Maybe things will get better.  I think they should get that economist from CCP (the ones that make Eve-Online… not the Chinese Communist Party, which might have questionable economists), to run the banking system for a while.

Here are a few of my lesser-known Icelandic pictures to remind them of all the pretty things there…that don’t cost any money to see.

Will in Iceland at the Ocean

The Icy Explosion


  • Thanks. We’ll get over it… 🙂

  • I love all your photos they are so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them. Many blessings, Jackie

  • benjamin

    🙂 very good idea!

  • Sherine

    Great Photos! Ive always wanted to go to Iceland, now i have to make the trip. Keep on sharing. Be blessed:)

  • Thanks! 🙂

  • Dr. Electro

    Even the crisis in Iceland and the rest of Europe is Bush’s fault. He belongs in a special jail for the ethically challenged. Notice I didn’t say it’s America’s fault. I blamed it on the moron in the White House.

    I sincerely hope the world doesn’t spiral down as far as the depression of the thirties.

  • Well — it’s not Bush’s fault but I can understand how that media spin pervades. The problems stem, of course, from the government. The government enacted a law in 77 that required banks to give higher-risk loans, so overall risk increased. These risky loans were then re-packaged and traded around financial circles as the price of homes increased because of an unnatural demand increase. Note that Bush did nothing to help the situation and probably made it worse… But it all started with the government.

    Like one of my favorite economists, Walter Williams, just said in a recent column: “These problems were caused by the government,” he said. “If you see a building on fire, you don’t call the arsonist who caused the fire to help you put it out.”

  • There have been a series of laws put in place since 77 that paved the way for what we are seeing now. Everything from variable rate mortgages to fractional reserves and injections of capital.

    As far as I understand, there aren’t many in the industry or the federal government who did not see this coming. I read a book by a preacher/economist in 1984 that illustrated what was coming and what would cause it. Maybe only those of us who read that one obscure book were privy to the financial future.

    I agree with Trey…If you want to lay blame somewhere, I would lay it at the feet of the House and the Senate. This might be one of those things that changes how we pick our representatives. Maybe a rookie might be a better choice than someone who has been in the House and Senate for over 20 years.

    I have long been curious why we feel it is important that someone be a part of the good ol boy network to obtain political office…and you get extra points if you killed people while serving your country. Things that make me go hmmm.

    Correct me if I am wrong…with a bill of this sort (bailout), isn’t it unconstitutional unless the bill originates in the House? I believe it is article 1 section 7.

    Enough politics. I came hear to breathe deeply and appreciate the beauty that you work so diligently to share.

    Thanks for all your hard work, Trey.

  • Wonderful picture … I love the nature … and the first is the better than other

  • Skúli

    I reckon we’ll manage up here in Iceland, thank you.

    I like your photos very much, got the sunset road as my desktop pic.

    However I feel like you’re maybe messing a little too much with some of them, like the latter two above.

  • Devin

    Thanks for reminding me why I need to get back there.

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    I hope you like them.

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