The caged Buddhas look outward towards the sunrise

Each of these “bells” is really a stone cage that houses a seated Buddha statue, facing outwards. At this time in the morning, you can take little flashlights and peer inside the cages. It’s all very eerie and fun…

In the distance, you can see a few volcanoes poking through the mist.

The caged Buddhas look outward towards the sunrise



  • Shahram

    Great Photo. I really loved the sun rise and how the bluish (grayish) color is mixed with the yellow sun rise. Where is taken?

  • Linda

    Saw this photo on Flikr and I find the photo did something amazing–it took me out of my world to my step-son’s world of travel and adventure. He is a surfer-type who lives in Bali and most days I think he is nuts, but as I saw this photo, suddenly I find myself thinking WE ARE for sitting in our a/c and wasting away. Thanks!

  • Dr. Electro

    Shahram, the photo is Angkor Wat. If you go as a pilgrim, you are to pray to each of the buddhas in the stone cages. You walk the temple in shrinking concentric circles until you reach the top level.

    Whether you go as a pilgrim or a tourist, the entire location is just breathtaking. If you come away from Angkor unimpressed, you are too jaded to continue living as a human.

  • Thanks!

    Just a minor correction there Electro — this is not Angkor – it is Borobudur in Indonesia. It is a lot like Angkor — but a bit different! 🙂

  • Dr. Electro

    Thqanks, Trey The similarities are striking. Maybe I need to become a pilgrim for a year or two. My doctors won’t like the idea but who cares about them anyway?

  • SubRider618

    Astounding – that such ethereal beauty could exist on this sinful Earth. It proves what the Bible says, that God is kind even to non-believers. Thank you for this stunning photogrph.

  • I just found this photo today on Flickr and followed the link to Stuck in Customs…a site I will definitely return to for the clarity and interest of photos. When I first opened this photo, I was reminded of Bagan, Myanmar for the low lying clouds/mist settling over a maze of mythological monuments and mountains. I knew it could not be Bagan however, due to the architecture of the Buddha cages. I am grateful to have this view of Indonesia for returning to Asia is an opportunity caught in the mesh of many other decisions centered around living one’s life. The scene, colors, and lightning evoked fond memories, and gratitude. Your special talent for capturing the mystifying moment presented beyond the lens makes it possible for us all to travel to Jogjakarta!

  • Thank you — I appreciate it!

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