The sun sets over the mountains

I checked the sweet internet earlier in the day to see exactly what time sunset was in Yellowstone. I have the sunrise/sunset website bookmarked, which is kinda strange, maybe… Anyway, It said 7:03 or something like that. I knew full well that it means the exact moment when the sun dips below the horizon, so the sun really “sets” about 30 minutes before that… but that didn’t help me get into the right position to see the sun right before it dipped below the mountains.

Luckily, there was a fine band of yellow sky lit up above the mountains, reflecting across the Madison River.

The sun sets over the mountains

  • May you please shar the link for the sunset times? Thx! Great shot again!

  • I’m a great admirer of yours but this is not your best. I’m seeing a lot of blotching on the the horizon which I usually associate with stitching differently exposed frames…also some strange “wormy” artifacts in the sky (right side) which look like Photoshop gone mad. But perhaps I’m just seeing a bad reproduction.

  • Thanks — no problemo. This has a texture applied to it — the texture is blotted in some parts… actually there are 3 textures on top of the photo. You can sense the hue change with the purplish water on the left.

  • Dr. Electro

    Thought I saw textures. Pretty shot. Looks like a forest of Christmas trees across the river. There are some feisty trout in the Madison above the seeps.

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