A Blindingly Beautful Sunrise

I could hardly figure out where to look first! I was happy to have a second pair of eyes there with my camera, so I could look at one thing while the lens and attached remote looked at something else! Every 10 minutes the clouds moved and the light changed, creating a different scene as I snapped away in bliss.

You can feel the morning humidity hanging on the air over the lagoon. It was a little after 5 in the morning at Angkor Wat, and a small Cambodian girl had brought me a little chair to sit down in by the water. She also brought coffee and condensed milk, refilling me every 20 minutes or so. I think the chair and the coffee was the the best $2 I ever spent!

A Blindingly Beautful Sunrise

  • Stupid dude

    That is one beautiful picture, you are talented. It kind of look like it was enhanced by CGI. It does not even look real, but that does not take anything away from your craft. If it was not, it looks like heaven. Great work.

  • Dr. Electro

    I’m jealous. I haven’t been to Angkor Wat in over thirty years.It is a lot less forboding and grim than that place you were in Indonesia. Thanks for the memory.

  • Irene

    Wow, I just found this on My Yahoo! and I just love the photographs you have been taking. Amazingly beautiful, thank you so much for showing me the world through your eyes. Keep them coming, I could look at this work all day long!

  • Thanks! I try to post one photo a day – every day of the year… I’ll do my best to keep them fresh and interesting! 🙂

  • Caterina

    Breath taking…you have truly captured the moment.

  • Dr.Ankineedu Prasad.valluru

    Hello-Hi! u sure r one loving son of mother nature,well percieved n good patience-very much serene indeed.pls keep clicking n posting it for every one of us. Thankyou.

  • Great to have a coffee with..

  • This picture is absolutely breathtaking!

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