The Private Entrance

This red-stoned temple had hundreds of tiny rooms scattered all over the grounds. The light streamed in from many angles to light up the walls and carved details. I only wish I was around 1000 years ago with my anachronistic digital camera… that would have been good, except for the no flickr part.

The Private Entrance

  • Christine Berry

    I just returned from a two week trip to India and Nepal. This fort was one of my highlights.

  • Jill

    Which fort is this, the Red Fort? Fatepur Sekhri? It is fantastic. And a very difficult photo to take. You succeeded.

  • Doreen

    This picture is breath taking, this will be one of first stops when going to India.

  • Iv got a private entrance.. its not as impressive as this though.. or as red 😛

  • very impressive

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