The Cubes of Mystery

They aren’t really cubes, and they are not really that mysterious, but the words taken together, especially in reference to something that is not cubic or mysterious, are tantalizingly mysterious.

The Cubes of Mystery

  • OK I admit that the title is mysterious!
    What it even more mysterious is the workings of the human mind, and, in this case, yours! 😉
    Nice image Trey. I managed to capture a photo that has this sort of confused mixture of reflection and transparency in London. It is not as mysterious as your shot though! Have a look
    (Sorry to post a URL in your comments.Feel free to delete this. I wont be offended!)

  • haha thanks… no problem with the URL. That was a good image… I love a good reflection like that!

  • this is a beautiful play of the expected and unexpected between panes of metalic order you find the fine play of blues and several shades of yellow to bright orange in glossy movement(I’ma visual arts certified teacher without a job) jsut doing what ilove…..

  • Dr. Electro

    Very intriguing shot. The detail is virtually endless.

    If you folks like these then I need to grab a photo of our local ballpark entrance and post it here. The look will be complimentary to your cubes of mystery.

  • Delia

    This is very, very cool. Was your intention to photograph a reflective image of this sort or was this a totally serendipitous moment?

  • Diane

    This was fun for me to figure out where it is as a resident of the city. I work in the area of the Children’s Museum though, so it wasn’t to hard to recall where I have seen the scene. Nice shot!

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