Securing the Icelandic Chopper at Dusk

The night I first arrived into Reykjavik, I only had a few minutes of light before the darkness. I soon discovered that the final deep blue before dark lasts about an hour in Iceland. I am quite sure they take it for granted, because I saw it every night and everyone was going on about their business, not taking notice… Over by the docks, I found these four guys securing the blades on this helicopter for the evening.

Securing the Icelandic Chopper at Dusk

  • When you live in places, I think we take a lot for granted.

    It’s true though. To have that much time as the darkness comes, would be amazing. It goes far too fast here.

    Photography is one amazing way to take a moment in time to look for something that most will walk by many times a day.

  • Trey, love this shot…I especially like it since I used to fly those puppies…

    When are ya headed back to Asia? Let me know…I still owe ya a beer…


  • Erik

    I would guess this is Danish Navy based on the flag and insignia.

    Iceland is fantastic. I hope it stays cold enough to not become too popular.

  • The clarity of this picture is stunning! And Iceland is a place I’ve always wanted to visit, so I hope you will share more pictures from there.

  • Thanks!

    I am coming to Asia soon – Tokyo in fact. Next week I will be there…

    And yes, this IS a dutch lynx helicopter… my bad there!

  • i absolutley love the coloring in this photo. The blues are so rich

  • harmendra kuadav yadav

  • dfgeasgs

  • Seli

    This is a helicopter on board a Danish Coastal Guard vessel. These come regularly to the Reykjavik harbor for supplies, but their main job is guarding around Greenland.

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