Some of my favorite shots of children

I’m working on my biggest photo ever over the weekend and putting on the finishing touches. In the meantime, a commenter reminded me of a fun shot I did of some children in Indonesia, so I thought I would put up some of my favorite kids’ shots from around the world (that are not my own kids!) 🙂

The children below are from, in the following order, Indonesia, Cambodia, India, Bangkok, Malaysia, Thailand, and Iceland.

The Explosion of Kids in Indonesia

One Dollar, Sir!

Bangkok Belly Flop

New Delhi Family

Islamic Peace

Buddha School

Morning Skaters in Iceland

  • Zim

    Amazing shots. I like them a lot. Specially the last one, is so … warm. 🙂

  • Wonderful Trey. Just shows that kids are kids, wherever you are!

  • Absolutely fantastic. You really captured that raw child-like emotion in each one. Just emphasizes the point that even though humans may be different on the outside and come from different different countries . . . on the inside, we’re all the same!!!

  • Susan

    I love all of these Trey-they are wonderful shots!

  • thanks!

  • Really beautiful smiles…the common experience of childhood in its essence. Amazing photos.

  • Paul (uk)

    Fantastic pictures Trey,

    Your an insperation to many.

  • Those are really great shots showing just how kids live in other areas of ur world. Where certain things just don’t matter like they do here.

  • hehe thanks… Glad you all are still enjoying these!

  • Delia

    What a great job you did in capturing such pure images of these children. I agree, these pictures do prove that children are the same inside no matter what country they happen to live in.

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