On the Road to Somewhere

After an accident on an ATV, I was stuck on this road for a long time while waiting to for rescue.  Luckily, the camera and tripod were uninjured and the time I was waiting for happened to be sunset.  There are worse things in life than this!

On the Road to Somewhere

  • aint’ that the truth. being stranded on a road like this with your camera is not always a bad thing

  • Hi there! you got some beutiful pictures, I am about to broadcast some poems in youtube i would love to get your permition to use some of your pics


  • Hey thanks — sure thing – wax poetic away! 🙂

  • josef riley

    where is this?

  • I love your work. It’s really wonderful. This picture is one of my favorites…reminds me of where I grew up…out in the boonies.

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