A Delicate Morning

The morning in Indonesia seemed to change every 5 minutes from blue to pink to purple then back to blue again. I could hardly figure out where to point… Framing these Buddhas in the bells at Borobudur was a fun exercise in composition and patterns.

A Delicate Morning

  • Jennifer


    This has always been one of my favorite photos of yours. I love the gradations of blue and the ambiance that one gets from the fog and time of day. I really admire your photography and hope that one day I have a unique technique like you. Keep your photos coming.. everyday I am eager to see the new photo posted.

  • Hey thanks! I appreciate that! 🙂

  • This is a perfect example of excellent composition, and also a beautiful subject. Borobudur has been on my “must visit” list for a long time. I may get there this next winter.

    Lovely shot!

  • your work is outstanding all of the pictures on this page are great.Great HDR work far from the usual pics you find very well done!

  • Kristen

    Great shot, Trey! This isn’t far from where I used to live, so a view like this is certainly close to my heart. Beautifully captured!

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