My son Ethan hits the soccer field every Saturday morning. Yesterday I grabbed this one of him sitting with his friend Zach, who I coached last year. He’s a good player that responds well to a bit of good coaching… like most kids, methinks… However, this year I am happy to be behind the lens rather than behind the lines.


  • PG

    this is great. we get so many beautiful, stunning shots here yet it’s really wonderful. All at the same time refreshing and very much appreciated to see a slice of life shot with limited post work. Bravo!

  • SamLaTricoteuse

    My daughter plays soccer – U18AA – and I really liked that one !!

  • Def. a great photo. Love the focus of the engaging conversation these two are having. What do you think they are talking about?

  • Susan

    Wonderful shot of Ethan – takes me back!

  • hehe…. who knows what they are talking about! Maybe they are discussing McCain vs. Obama.

  • Deidre

    Amazing photo of the boys. Zach was thrilled to see it (and me too).

  • great job

  • kelly

    Deidre shared your website with me! I love your way of capturing the peaceful side of life… I love Zach’s picture. Great work!

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