Stairway to Heaven

Heaven is sort of a relative place, and I imagine it would be relatively close to this place — the first class lounge of Qatar Airlines. There you get everything from silken robes to delicate doilies on which to place your tomato (pronounced tom-ah-to) juice.


Stairway to Heaven

  • More of Qatar, I see.. I like the composition of this one! Im actually having a stop-over in Doha, on my way to Athens and I’ve got a pass for the lounge. Can’t wait!

  • I would like to hang out there for a day. Looks amazing

  • Reminds me of the Chronopolis place in the video game “Chrono Cross” The people who lived there were ghosts, and the people on the left side looks like ghosts. A great picture!

  • I like it. I’ve been noticing more yellow in your pictures posted recently.

  • Amazing image and treatment – really looks like an image out of a futuristic movie !

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