Boston on the Fringe of Sunset

Boston is a great place. It was a hot day, but things cooled down a little as the sun dropped down behind downtown for sunset.

Boston on the Fringe of Sunset

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  • Hello again! That’s quite a nice shot. I think it’s one of the few HDR shots with a visible halo that I like. It actually fits with the sunset behind the buildings.

  • My goodness your art is wonderful. This is such a great picture and work. Best to both you and Ethan.

  • This is a great angle, there are so many areas in Boston where you can get really good shots of the city.

  • Very nice HDR. Love the look of the water and walkway. I’ve noticed, when I do HDR in Photomatix, that I often have problems with the sky “graying out.” Even if the sky in the individual pictures are blue. I noticed a bit of it in your photo, too, on the right. I wonder why that happens? It makes the sky look muddy, which I don’t like.

  • Linda K, I have the same problem and it is the bane of my HDR existence.


  • hehe thanks yall! Yes the halo worked okay in this sitch!

  • great technique actually

  • Trey, this is an incredible image. I love Boston; it’s one of my favorite cities, and this picture reminds me so much of why. Just beautiful.

  • PG

    this might be THE spot for a boston skyline shots. though i have been there many times, never with my camera.

  • Awesome HDR shot of Boston. I have a night time HDR panorama taken in close proximity to this one.

  • Danielle

    This is one of the most incredible pictures! You have an amazing talent!

  • faith

    Hope u still read comments I just found your site this morning and wanted to say how lovely your work is…Hope you come back to Boston again real soon..

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