The Elevator that Awaited me after Chernobyl

I had a relaxing weekend and was finally able to go back and look at some shots from an ill-advised but very fun trip to Chernobyl. My mom is still not too happy about that one…

This is the “cozy” elevator that awaited me after I got finished with the radiation detox and cleanup area. Note that it was nothing like T’Pol and Travis, if that scene rings a bell…

Ukraine was a rough place, to say the least… that little red light on the elevator was a little alarming since I did not know if it meant there was a problem or if it was ready.

If you missed it, you can read the whole story about the trip to Chernobyl at this link.

The Elevator that Awaited me after Chernobyl

And here is a shot of me holding a Geiger counter that the Russian soldier let me borrow… it was clicking away, giving me a little fright.

Stuck in Chernobyl

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