Some More Old Favorites from France…

Yesterday’s photo brought back such good memories I thought I would serve up one of these too, in case you missed it the first time around!

I decided to stop for a snack in a French cafe because I got tired of the Hezbollah dudes

Baccarat Picnic

  • susan

    These are wonderful….the party all dressed in white at the tower has always been a fav – but I really don’t remember the evian one!!

  • DJ Ox

    wonderful shot of the tower; makes it personal which is never usually accomplished; the mark of good photographer!

  • found your photos posted on a friend’s blog…(jaybercrow)
    anyhow, love your photos…the ones of kiev as well as paris as i’ve been to both of those places. is there any way i could buy a print? do you sell these?

    [email protected]

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