The Coiled Golden Chalice of Qatar

This is such an extreme title for what is a fairly commonplace thing in Doha, I am sure. I thought the internal architecture here and this vase was really spectacular, so I did my best to caputre the scene to share with you all!

The Coiled Golden Chalice of Qatar

  • Very nice! Where was this exactly, if I may ask?

  • I quite enjoy your photos most of the time, but I feel this is a bit on the “too much” side. It’s not quite centered, it’s not quite a third either side and the colours feel a bit much… Sorry, but Im just trying to be constructive 🙂

  • Thanks for the feedback – no problemo there Catalin :)!!

    This was in the club at the airport!

  • Cool. Funny thing about the airport lounges in the Middle East. I have been living in Bahrain and Dubai for more than 7 years and they all look the same… Glamourous and golden 🙂

  • I liked bumping into this post. Thanks for sharing!!

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