A Texas Summer Vacation

I came down to Horseshoe Bay for a little family thing this weekend… I haven’t been taking too many shots, but I was reminded of a few of my favorites from around this area, which is really just right by Austin!Β  The first is of a nice sunset on the lake and the other is from a Texas summer t-ball game.

There were no fireworks, but there was this pretty sunset

Sunset at T-Ball

  • susan

    These are sooo good Trey!

  • Excellent!

    (I really think you need to redo your tutorial, however. I can never get these results, even with lots of practice.)

    (Also, this is the first pic of yours that I have noticed has ghosting: pink pants’ upraised hand and head/hear)

  • I love the first photo! I’ve only been to Texas once and it was San Antonio, and I loved it. I could see myself living in Texas someday.


  • Glad to see you around Austin again. It sure is tough to beat sunsets off the cliffs near 360. Glad to see some of your amazing work back in this neck of the woods! Keep up the stunning images! (I’ve been there too!! http://www.flickr.com/photos/mr3wan/267767164/ πŸ˜› )

  • The over-processing on the softball game was terrific. It lent just the right amount of “plastic” to achieve something extraorindary. I must comment that keeping track of your blog has made me much more adventurous when processing my own photos. I’ve discovered I really like serious color saturation and these days, I’ll push the envelope just to see what happens. What fun, to throw out the old rule book and try new things!

  • I absolutely love what was done with the pictures: Overdone or not, the way the sky looked was not a bit shady. Instead, it depicted how beautiful a sunset can really be in some areas of the world. I personally have never seen a sunset quite like that one. I hope I will be in the presence of such beauty @ least once in my lifetime. Thank you very much for sharing!

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  • As we’re on A Texas Summer Vacation, from a practical point of view, having additional adults on hand to watch the kids is valuable. Splitting the responsibility makes the trip much more enjoyable for the adults. One more benefit is the ability of becoming ready to break out into smaller groups and do unique activities.

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