Trey at the Great Wall

I’m not sure how I got in this position, or how I got the camera on a timer, but I did it. Just afterwards, I cut open my knee when jumping across a tiny gap in the wall to get back to my camera. Getting this shot was a lot like playing Braid, in retrospect.

You can see the Great Wall there on the left (and under me).

Trey at the Great Wall

  • susan

    Oh wow! Cool shot Trey!! Don’t know how you did it!

  • Cool one! Sorry for your knee. I’ve also been at the Great Wall (At Simatai) and it was unforgettable, although it’s not a playing ground…

  • I would love to visit the Great Wall and the view and composition as presented is spot on, but for my taste, there’s to much digital artifacts.

  • thanks for the feedback… Yes it was unforgettable!

  • Jimmy

    Hey trey, Nice picture, the composition is great! I was wondering what section of the wall this is, I go to China a lot and would like to go to a section of the wall that is less touristy and this seems to be one. Thanks!

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