Grabbing Dinner in Beijing

I had decided to eat out on the streets, since there seemed to be such a variety. The real reason might have been there was this guy with a giant vat of fresh unagi (eel) which happens to be my favorite. I bought enough to feed a small family and ate it while I marched around with my camera, looking for a good spot for the shot.

The second shot below is of a famous Chinese dancer warming up for the Olympic ceremonies by launching himself into the air, just beside the official flag.

Grabbing Dinner in Beijing

Dou Dou Huang Soars up the Beijing 2008 Banner

  • Wow, that second shot is incredible Trey! Mega detail!

  • I loved the nightmarket in Beijing. Had some crispy scorpion, yummy!
    In Beijing there are no street vendors allowed, so the gov. created this night market which is surveillanced by autorities in a hygenic way.

    IMHO it’s a must for visitors

  • MH

    Second picture is from Shanghai.

  • Thanks! Yes – the 2nd one is definitely shanghai!

  • Hi Trey, I am from Singapore, just saw your blog yesterday for the first time, and I mentioned about it on my blog. And share some of your successful images with my friends through email.

  • love the 2nd photo! great shot!

  • Your work is very beautiful and inspiring. I can only dream of seeing all the places you do!

  • Yu

    hey have you been to houhai beijing?? I’m from Beijing 😉
    I think you would love it there. great photos!
    you remind me of my home!

  • Otaku

    Pearl Tower is in Shanghai, not Beijing.

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