This Week in Photography – Last Week

It looks like this blog was mentioned in This Week in Photography, which is a most excellent podcast, whether or not they mention this site. I always pick up a few good tidbits on there.

In honor of them, I have had to make a cut to my top 10 shots. I took one of the new ones from Glacier and put it in there, and one had to fall… it was a tough pick, but here is the one, going down in flames in the Duomo… You had a great ride in the top 10 old friend…

The Airy Doom of the Duomo

  • This is a great photo!

  • susan

    Ah yes…I always loved this one!

  • Gary

    TWIP? I don’t have any time for podcasts, so I can’t comment there. However, I have been following their web site RSS feed for months to see what they’re writing about. So far I reckon it’s pretty shallow – I don’t recall any significant articles. And when I recently made a comment politely pointing out what I reckoned were a couple of errors in one paragraph (though not disagreeing with the general thrust of the post) it never passed moderation. So add “enormous egos” to “shallow content”. Let’s just say, their days in my RSS feed reader are very seriously numbered.

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