The Ice-Blue Pure Glacial Water Runoff

We hiked into the mountains of Glacier National Park for a bit to find this raging waterfall ripping through the canyon. I probably got down a little too close, but I was quite drawn to the blue water.

I’m currently in another part of Montana on a dinosaur dig, which I will post shots from in the next week or so… I am super dirty and wishing I was back at this water!

The Ice-Blue Pure Glacial Water Runoff

  • susan

    You’re right….looks inviting Trey!

  • That is an amazing photo! What lead me here is research. I recently found a mountain waterfall and I was awe struck by the natural blue coloring in it. Does anybody know what it is that causes that? I believe it must be some natural compund from the earth, but I would like to have more than a belief….I would like to know the truth.

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