A Perfect Morning at Glacier National Park

I’m back in Montana for a few days!

We were graciously invited by Jack Horner up to northern Montana to join him on a dinosaur dig, My 7-year-old son (and the 7-year-old in me) is excited as can be by this once in a lifetime experience. We are not sure yet, but we think there is a special kind of Tyrannosaurus Rex that has been uncovered near Rudyard, Montana. Jack has his dig team out there, so we are going to camp out with them for a while and help with the dig… we are mega excited.

For a few nights before the dig, I took the family unit here to nearby Glacier National Park. We stayed at the Many Glacier Inn, which is this 1930’s Swiss-style chalet on a beautiful lake looking out at Mount Grinnell and several glaciers.

I woke up early in the morning to get this shot, while the rest of my family and the inn was still asleep. As usual, I had my ipod on full blast while I took in the scene and snapped away.

If you look down at the bottom, you can see all the rocks through the crystal-clear glacial lake.

A Perfect Morning at Glacier National Park

  • I ask myself a long time now, if there is some trick to get this chrystal clear mirror effect you have in the foreground? Some special post processing? Some filter? Any special setting?
    thx, Christof!

    BTW: Fantastic photography!

  • susan

    Oh wow, wow, wow!! Super fantastic Trey!

  • Kenneth Obunseh

    What a wonderfull world we live in,the LORD is indeed a wonderful GOD in every sense of it,that’s a beautiful picture i must say.

  • dj

    When I look at this image it seems like the clouds are moving! Maybe its the convergence of the reflections and line between. Who knows, but it is very cool.

  • As always, a visit to your site is a reminder of what a beautiful world we live in. Stunning image Trey!

  • PLoster

    SnazzZEEE !

  • Thanks! Glad you like this one so much!

  • Cristof – have you seen my HDR tutorial there on the right?

  • This is it this is my favorite photograph from all of your collection the reflection the sky a true master piece lovely

  • this is my favorite pic

  • Prometheus

    This is a great picture!!! The date says August 9th, which is crazy because I was at Glacier a week earlier on the 2nd!

  • Yeungers

    this picture is just stunning. no wonder im only 19 and already want 2 emigrate to america

  • Heidi

    I just wanted to tell you that this is my all-time favorite picture of yours. I love all your photography, but this one is truly spectacular. I’m from Columbia Falls, MT (just on the west side of GNP), and Many Glacier is my favorite part of the park. I’m living in the midwest right now (not by choice), so having this picture as my desktop picture helps temporarily take me out of the midwest blah. Your photographs make me feel like I’m actually there, experiencing the wonderful places you see! Thanks!

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