The Orange Mold on the Churchyard Tombstones

When I driving randomly through the northern farmlands of Iceland, we (my camera and I) found this old church and leaning tombstones just as a storm was rolling in. I took a few shots before a zombie hand came out of the ground to grab my ankle…

The Orange Mold on the Churchyard Tombstones

  • You have a brilliand blog keep up the good job

  • Wow, the lighting and color is superb on this one! Great detail too. 🙂

  • The zombie took the camera but left the CF card 🙂

  • John Cox

    Wow, what is it about the grass? Such lovely grass. (Don’t see much actual green grass in Australia at the moment)

  • Thanks!

  • Very nicely composed.

  • Iceland did the New Berlin free walking tour. Fourth, perhaps, after the northern farmlands? Al and Arras. I think it’s Iceland you’d really have to live in for a while to appreciate.

  • your images, especially this one, would like absolutely fabulous in infrared! I’d love to edit this one!

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