The Rolling Buddhist Morning Mist

Usually a fine layer of mist indicates as that one area is cooler than another area. In this case, even in the early morning light, that could not have been the cause of the mist since it was burning hot with every single step. There was some sort of steamy condensation, but most of it was wrapping itself around my sweaty body. A tiny bit of breeze might have been nice, but maybe that would have blown away the mist!

The Buddhist Rolling Morning Mist

  • sj

    blue, gooood)

  • Tom Hall

    Wow, a lovely HDR take on a classic location. Congrats for bringing something new to it!

  • Eric M

    Did you take all these Borobudur photos at one time or do you just keep going back here because it does not seem like an easy place to get to. But each picture seems to be more amazing than the next!

  • awsome

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